Repost This Or You Will Die: Whatever!

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They bombard our e-mails, they’re all over the MySpace bulletins, and they’re even on YouTube! What is up with the infestation of forwards/reposts? Most of them are insanely ridiculous and have numerous typos. So many people repost them for fear of dumb consequences or hopes of unrealistic reward. What is going on with our world?

 Some truly insane things are circulated out there, and no matter how ignorant or boring they are, they’re somehow deemed ‘cool’ by people who then decide to invade our MySpace bulletins, messages, cell phones, and YouTube comments space. They are NOT cool!

If you’re as annoyed as I am by these pointless wastes of space that take up our text message inboxes and MySpace profile comments, then it’s time we fight back. The easiest way to stop a forward from circulating is to not forward it, and please don’t start any new ones. It’s not cool to have a billion people read a bit of poorly thought out mess that you decided to add on threats to if someone doesn’t send it to everyone in existence. It’s annoying.

Let’s face it: if you don’t repost whatever message it is, you WON’T die, you WON’T be single for eight years, your mother will NOT die the next day in a freak car accident, and no one special will be texting you that night. There won’t be a freaky psycho sadistic killer waiting for you at 1:28 AM nor will a dead five year old materialize on your bed at midnight and chop you into little pieces. You won’t find the man of your dreams and that certain someone will definitely not realize that the two of you are soul mates. So please, save the sensible ones their sanity and find something else to occupy your time.


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