Boogying With Boogers

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Off the top of our head we don’t know where boogers come from or what they are made of. We do know every little kid has them and they are disgusting to look at and even worse to touch.

While I was pregnant with my daughter, I babysat my best friend’s daughter, and every day when she was dropped off, her nose was covered in boogers; they were the kind that most consider “rocks.” I couldn’t clean them out, it made me sick. I could never touch another child’s boogers unless it was my own child. From that moment on, I vowed that my daughter’s nose would be booger free 24/7 after she was born.

From October 7, 2006, her nose never has boogers that stay in her nose for more than 5 minutes. Her nose is cleaned daily, mainly in the morning and before bed. Her nose is checked thoroughly and cleaned until it meets my approval.  Whatever it takes, I do it. I have used my finger mainly because those little suckers hold on tight to her nostrils. I have used tissues, and even bobby pins. YES, bobby pins.

If I have to, I do this whenever necessary. I take her to a bathroom in public if I see her nose needs to be cleaned, then I will make sure she has it all cleared out. Many people look at me if they see me cleaning her nose and they give me a look of disgust that I am “picking” her nose. Then I look at their kids, and you can’t even see their nose through all the boogers. 

I have touched a lot of disgusting stuff since I became a mother, and boogers are not the worst. We all should do a little “boogying” with the “goldmine” in our kid’s noses. It helps them breathe, and makes a better impression when the tots noses are booger free.


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