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There are many video game blogs out there but very few offer the simplicity and combination that numberonegamer offers. This video game blog uses a simple word press theme and has an easy to navigate menu. While many other blogs are updated monthly or weekly, numberonegamer is updated daily with the latest and best content on new games and game reviews. The Amazon store is also updated daily so you could get the latest scoop on pre released games and order. The Amazon store on numberonegamer offers free shipping on all games over $39.

The combination it brings is the ability to play and enjoy free games and at the same time shop, read articles about the latest game reviews or just browse though the many selection of video games, consoles and video game accessories. The play fun games page has over 6000 games to choose from. All games are free to play and free to enjoy.

Some of the best features of this website is the free chat room it offers. Users have the opportunity to play games while they enjoy chatting about their best games and give tips and tricks on gaming maneuvers. Once again, not too many gaming blogs offer any form of chat to their users so this is another feature that sets numberonegamer apart of other gaming blogs. There is also the only wire auto submit widget  which allows you to post your favorite article or video game review to your social networks like facebook, My space and Stumbleupon. There is also a twitter widget so you can choose to follow numberonegamer on twitter. This is among the best video game blogs out on the internet and receives my high ranking.

When choosing a game blog be sure to stop by and enjoy numberonegamer for free. It’s simple, informative and very entertaining. 


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