Beauty tips: how to dress thinner

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Dressing thin requires you to choose your clothing appropriately. You have to wear what is appropriate to your figure. Don’t wear things that will make you look bigger.You have seen people who wear things that allow them to be so uncomfortable. You can choose to dress wiser and look better.Wear all black. Black has a thinning effect. You can see much with black. Don’t wear white. White or bright colors will give you the impressions that you’re bigger. Choose fashion wisely.

Wear stretchy clothing. Stretchy clothing will make you look thinner and gives you room to breathe. Non stretchy clothing will make you look bigger. You have known this. Choose all stretchy clothing if you can. Wear crazy patterns . Wild and busy patterns will make you look thinner. People can’t see your shapes and it hides you pretty well. Avoid clear pattern because it’ll make you look big. Dressing discreetly will help you look thinner and neater if that’s your goal. You can definitely learn how to dress thin. You can wear the wrong color and the wrong outfit and it can make you look ten pounds heavier and a lot of us know this to be true. You have seen this affect on yourself so it’s our goal to deceive the eyes.


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