How To Fight Against Insomnia And Enjoy Comfortable Sleep

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Maintaining a high sleeping standard is very important in our daily life, and a comfortable sleeping environment is the key to enjoy comfortable sleep.

Insomnia, which means difficult to fall asleep, is usually caused by staying in stressful environment. Prolonged sickness or irritated digestive system and nerve system are also factors that leads to the problem.

Many people suffering from sleeplessness depend on sleeping pills to induce sleep, which may, however, result in addiction of Hypnotic or bad effect in Liver / Kidney functioning. Therefore, it’s better to carry out treatment without the help of drugs.

To enjoy sleep comfortably, you must ensure that your bedroom is a perfect sleeping environment. Appropriate lighting and temperature would be helpful to sleep; avoid direct lighting to your bed and high temperature. A big bed with thick mattress will give you a sense of safety during sleeping.

Here are a few points that you should remember to have a nice dream:

  1. Have a regular sleeping schedule. Do not take a nap in the afternoon.
  2. Do not eat too much before sleep. Try to eat some food that contains Tryptophan like Banana, Milk, Rice or Bread before sleep.
  3. Don’t drink coffee or alcoholic drinks before sleep. These drinks irritate your nerve system and put you in bad dreams instead of deep sleep.

To maintain a high sleeping standard, you should maintain sleeping 8 hours a day. Sleep early and wake up early can help you to be more energetic in daytime.Consult the doctor if you are already having problem with sleeping.


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