Blood pressure problems: how to lower blood pressure

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High blood pressure is life threatening. You can end up with a stroke. It’s never a good idea to keep a high blood pressure without getting help.Get help right away when you have high blood pressure. Get monthly screening. You can also do it at home by buying the blood pressure machine. The normal value for adult is 120/80. If your is 130/90 , you have high blood pressure and need to see a doctor immediately for treatment.

Blood pressure can be temporary like getting angry, drinking coffee, taking certain pills. Drinking or smoking can increase high blood pressure greatly. Talk to your doctor right away. You can reduce it at home too by working out more, stop smoking, drinking and getting angry. Lifestyles changes and medication can lower blood pressure. High blood pressure should be taking into control right away. It’s fatal if you ignore it. You should definitely consult a doctor and follow the treatment plan. You should definitely get medicated. People with high blood pressure usually have an underlying condition or their lifestyle is causing it. You should also be changing your lifestyles too so that your blood pressure will be adjusted and not persist.


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