College tips: how to study better for college

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College is a time when you really to need to get organized because there’s so many things that you got to do. One of it is to study but all the rest is work and family life too. Your studying will be better once you get organized.

Studying take times and so cramming is not the best thing. Don’t cram. Schedule your studying hours each day so that when it comes to the test your not stuck.

Study every subject every single day. Don’t just study one topic and leave the rest for cramming.Start with the hardest topic first and leaving the easiest to the last .

Use memorizing technique like association and pictures or little cards. Watch a video because it’ll gives you more clues then just reading. Video are on youtube and they’re the best. The thing with studying is to study little by little and you will learn better that way without stressing yourself out. If you cram everything into one then you will be having stress plus you won’t remember anything much either. Never cram and that is the rule. Always start early and get a jump on the material and don’t wait until the last day.


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