Dating tips: how to chat up with people at a nightclub

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Have you always had that one person that you want to approach at the club but you’re shy. Don’t by shy or else you can regret it . I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to pursue someone if you want to talk to them. You can get your friends to help you out by talking to them. Your friend can help you break the ice. You can write down your information and pass it along. You should be brave because you have nothing to lose and the worst you will get is a “no.”

If you see someone you like , look their ways. Keep looking and then you can get their attention. They will take a hint that you like them.Smile at them and make great eyes contact. Raise your glass to them. Have your friends approach them for you and give them your phone number.

Walk over and stand kind of close to them. Maybe they’ll start the conversation. Don’t stand or sit too near because you can scare them away. Buy them a drink, send them a rose, and ask them to dance or just say “hi” , I’m katy and what’s your name. Strike up a simple friendly conversation with them.


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