Unemployment: how to handle getting laid off

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At least gas is getting lowered everywhere. What you can do is don’t panic. Don’t stress out. Don’t start stuff with your family because my cousin did when he got laid off. Just remain calm and cool. Call the Edd up and fill out for unemployment. Go to the online site and fill out for unemployment.Look for another job while getting unemployment.

Find freelance work at home like writing, taking pictures,offer services on craigslist.org. Whatever it takes, be creative.
Look hard for another job. Try to take a part time job doing things that is different from your field but easy to get into like internet freelance work. The economy will soon get back to its shape since the war will be withdrawing pretty soon. There are still plenty of industry that are recession proof. The internet is one of those field that is recession proof and you can be surfing the net for work. There are plenty of industry like the healthcare field that will always be needing worker and you can try to fit your expertise in one of the job there.


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