Synchronicity And Connecting With The Universe

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Have you ever had an experience where something seems to be more than just a mere coincidence? As if fate has led you down a certain path and multiple elements in your life have come together spontaneously? This strange little phenomenon is known as synchronicity; a term that was coined by Carl Jung to describe the meaningful occurrences that happen in our lives. Some examples of this would be thinking about a friend and a second later you receive a phone call from them, or you are struggling financially but somehow money for essential expenses like rent, food and utilities always manifests.

This concept might not make sense unless you understand how everything is interconnected. I like to think of the universe as an infinite snow globe. It is so large that it is beyond our comprehension, but nonetheless everything inside of it is all part of the same material. One part of the web affects the other, therefore all parts of the web are affecting each other at all times. Once you understand this phenomenon, you begin to realize that you truly have nothing to worry about. Your needs will ultimately be taken care of, and any time you spend in anguish over future ordeals is futile.

I can say that I have felt a deep sense of liberation since making this discovery. Also the more you become aware of synchronicity, the deeper your connection with the universe will become and you will attain more and more positive results. You will begin to emanate positive energy which will inevitably return back to you. Events in your life flow effortlessly and you are in better harmony with everyone around you and the universe as a whole.

The essential message is that everything and everyone is connected. We are all part of a benevolent and intelligent universe that responds accordingly to our needs. You just need to be open to the sometimes subtle cues sent your way and positive things will happen.


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