Dream Warnings – Falling In Dreams

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The meaning of your dreams is very important, and you should learn how to translate them according to the scientific method, so that you may understand the unconscious’ messages.

When you are falling in a dream, this means that you’ll have sad deceptions, which will make you feel totally lost. This is a very serious warning that must be respected, because it will save you from bad consequences, and help you find psychical balance.

You usually see unpleasant dreams because their function is protective. The unconscious mind that produces them works like a natural doctor who has a very important mission: save the human side of your conscience from the craziness contained in your wild side (anti-conscience).

A wild animal is cruel, and indifferent to the suffering it may provoke to other animals, while you should always show compassion to other human beings. This is the only way you can preserve your mental health and find peace.

However, what happens in practice is exactly the opposite: you act like an animal when you are dominated by anger, and the anti-conscience controls your behavior.

The destruction of your human conscience means that you cannot judge anything; you lose your capacity to think, feel, sense, or have a natural intuition about how the future development of reality could be, or who the people around you are.

You are therefore totally disconnected with the external reality, while the anti-conscience keeps sending you absurd thoughts and feelings, without giving you any chance to understand what is happening to you.

This means that even though you don’t know what you are doing when your human conscience is being destroyed by the anti-conscience, you ignore that this process is happening, and you even try to justify your absurd behavior, without imagining that the anti-conscience is acting in your place, after sneakily stealing the control of your behavior.

If you are falling in a dream, this means that the anti-conscience has already managed to imprison you into terrible situations.

So, you may have a very sad surprise, discovering that the people you were trusting are in fact your worst enemies.

You’ll conclude that you are their victim, however, the bitter truth is that the anti-conscience made you trust them, preparing a trap for you, since it could understand that these people would betray you.

The anti-conscience is a monster that wants to destroy your humanity, so that it may be violent without being tamed by your human conscience. It is not an irrational animal, but an animal that can think. It is like a wild lion or a shark, with the difference that it is more intelligent. This is why it can understand many things, and prepare you hidden traps.

Thanks to the warning you have when you see yourself falling in a dream though, you can avoid being dominated by anger, and instead of hating your enemies, you can understand that you were in fact a victim of the anti-conscience.

This notion will work like a parachute and prevent you from exploding, full of anger, with the deceptions you’ll have.

The unconscious mind always shows you how you can correct all your mistakes and get out of the tragic situation you are in, after sending you a dream warning. This is why you should keep taking notes of your dreams and translating them, while following the wise guidance you receive.


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