Signs Of Behavioral Abnormalities – How To Know If Someone Is Mentally Ill

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Mental illnesses are sneaky diseases that don´t appear on in the conscious surface and that are not apparent immediately in the patients´environment. However, various behavioral abnormalities gradually take off their mask of “normal person”, reflecting their neurosis, psychosis, schizophrenia or similar mental illness.

If you want to understand whether someone is mentally ill before waiting for various facts that will reflect psychological abnormalities in order to verify who they really are, you have to learn how to analyze the human behavior and observe the signs that indicate lack of balance, and absurdity.

This is very important, because you may trust a schizophrenic without knowing what you are doing, and decide to get married to a person that will only torture you, or have a negotiation with someone who is totally absurd and will ruin your business, but may mislead you with false impressions of sensibility and honesty.

There is a very big danger concerning business relationships with people you don´t really know, especially because mentally ill patients never show signs of abnormality in their work, but only in the moments when they are alone, or when they are with their family, and so on. So, it´s harder to discover signs of schizophrenia in a business partner than to perceive them in a future husband or wife, for example.

However, the bitter truth is that if you are not well informed, you will never be able to perceive important signs of abnormal behavior in a certain person, even if you are near them for many hours, because they can hide their absurdity from your eyes very easily. They act like normal people in too many ways, being absurd in only a few points that you may never notice before having a tragic surprise.

The details that reflect abnormal behavior and work like visible signs for the eyes that have learned how to recognize them are many, depending on the psychological type of each person. This means that if you want to have a total vision about the behavioral abnormalities that reflect psychological disorders, you have to learn everything about the psychological content of the human being.

This is possible thanks to the vision given to you by the scientific method of dream interpretation, since it shows you an internal map of the functionalism of the human brain and psyche, explaining you how the human behavior is determined by the various characteristics of each one´s personality.

You learn how to prevent the craziness contained a priori in the wild side of your conscience to invade the human side of your conscience.

There is too much absurdity accumulated in the anti-conscience, our primitive conscience, and this is why everyone is too vulnerable to mental illnesses.

By learning how to prevent and also cure all mental illnesses, you´ll be able to analyze everyone´s behavior, even if you won´t care about learning how to translate your dreams according to the scientific method.

If you care about interpreting your own dreams, the unconscious mind will give you objective information about other people in a symbolic form.

You only have to learn the dream language. This is not difficult as I have transformed dream interpretation based on long comparisons of dreams, into a fast and instant dream translation from images into words. Since I give you the meaning of the most important dream symbols, which you recognize in various dreams, you can discover the meaning of the other components that are not part of the symbol collection.


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