A Simple Way To Make $100 A Day Or More On Yahoo Answers

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When it comes to getting answers,

Yahoo answers is one of the most used resources for millions of people. Whether its an answer to a space related question or a simple answer for making a pie. With thousands of unique visitors a day, yahoo answers is a prime destination for online money makers. You can use this resource to easily make $100 or more every day. What sets making money with yahoo answers apart is the fact that you do not need a website, any experience, money and any product of your own to start making money, and you can start as soon as you want. In fact you can start making money as soon as you read this article and find out how simple it is.

To harness the power of yahoo answers, and turn it into a money making machine, you only need one thing, a product to sell! It doesn’t have to be your own product. Affiliate marketing is the way to go when you don’t have any product of your own, and you don’t want to risk any investment. Don’t let the term “affiliate marketing” scare you away. Affiliate marketing is basically you selling somebody else’s product for a commission. Ok, lets see how easy you can use affiliate marketing on yahoo answers to start making money right away.

Research and find a hot niche
Like any other business, in order to be successful and make money, you need to do some research. Start your research on yahoo answers and spend a little time to find out what people are talking about, and what subjects are hot. This is called finding a “niche”. For example weight loss is always one of the hot topic. So, if you choose weight loss as your market in which you are going to sell related products, then weight loss is your “niche”. Since digital product (e-book, downloads and etc)are way more popular, and easier to sell, it’s a good idea to choose a niche that digital products can be used in it. Our weight loss example would be perfect, because of course there are many diet E-books and healthy recipe E-books that you can sell as an affiliate.

Find a product to sell
Now that you know what kind of market you are going to sell product in, its time to find a product to sell. This step is simpler than the first. Using affiliate marketing networks such as clickbank, finding product related to your niche is very simple. Simply register for free and search their huge market place for product related to your niche. Which for our example would be a diet or a fitness e-book or anything that can help someone to lose weight. Once you’ve chosen your product, you will be given a link, with your affiliate Id embedded in it. The link points to the products sales page. Anytime someone clicks on it and buy the product, you will get a commission for it.

Answer and make money
This is the hardest part. Your job is simply to find related questions on yahoo answers, and answer them with relevant information. Don’t forget to put your affiliate link in the box below the answer. You may be asking how is this the hardest part? Well, not many people will trust you and click on a link provided by you to buy a product, if your answer is not really helpful and relevant. You need to establish yourself as an authority on the subject, and build a profile in the community for yourself. That is how successful affiliate marketer do it. Spamming and answering like “use this, it will help” followed by your affiliate link, wont make people want to click on your link. Think about it, if I answered your question with ” buy this product, it will help you” and another person answered the same question by explaining in detail, which one are you most likely to trust and perhaps click on their link to find out more? … That’s the whole point.

Even if you sell 2 products a day ( most click bank products average about $50 commission), that’s $100 a day for working maybe an hour or so every day. It might take you some time the first day to get going, but after that it comes down to spending an hour or so every day, answering questions on yahoo answers.

The only thing left to do is… well repeating this process and watching your affiliate account bring you more and more money. Using this simple method, you can easily make a nice ongoing monthly income, that will last as long as you are willing to repeat the above process. And that is a simple way anybody can use to make money with yahoo answers or any other similar site.

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