How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy, The Perfect Prenatal Nutrition

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Here is a simple guide on list of foods with daily servings for pregnant women to have a healthy pregnancy.


For a healthy pregnancy, your prenatal nutrition is very important. Choose whole grains such as brown rice, whole oats, barley, and popcorn…yummy! These contain fiber; vitamins, minerals and antioxidant which help regulate blood, sugar and keeps the mother –to – be feeling full longer. This also helps reduce constipation.To receive full benefits of grains nutrients, make sure to choose products with 100 percent whole grains.

Daily servings for your prenatal nutrition: your daily servings should be about 8 servings.


Fruits and vegetables are very important during your pregnancy. Fruits and Vegetables are low in calories and high in nutrients. They are also high in fiber, antioxidants, calcium and other healthy nutrients.This is very important for healthy cell development. Also, dark leafy greens such as, spinach and iron is important delivery oxygen to the baby.To get the benefits, eat a whole apple instead of just apple juice. Make sure you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables in variety of rich colors.

Daily servings for your prenatal nutrition: your daily servings for a healthy pregnancy should be about 3 cups of vegetables and cups of fruits.


You need iron and protein during your pregnancy to carry a healthy pregnancy. Meats and beans offer iron and protein. Choose low fat or lean meats and poultry…avoid fried meets as much as possible. Fish and eggs are high on Omega -3 fatty acid (the healthy fat.) They are very important to incorporate in your daily diet throughout your pregnancy. This is very important for the baby’s brain, eyes and central nervous system.

Daily servings for your prenatal nutrition: you need at least 6 ounces.

*Be careful not to eat too much fish because it’s high on mercury and has been known to cause birth defects.

Good fish found with low mercury;

  • Flounder
  • Frsh salmon
  • Squid
  • Sardines

If you are a vegetarian you could eat;

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Eggs
  • Dried beans
  • Peas etc.


Last but not least dairy…milk, yogurt and cheese are excellent source of dairy. This is needed through your pregnancy daily diet. The dairy found in milk, yogurt and cheese help in the baby’s formation of teeth and bones. Women who can’t drink milk “who are lactose intolerant” can get calcium with other foods such as;

  • Almonds
  • Dried beans
  • Tofu
  • Soy milk
  • Orange juice
  • Sardines

Daily servings for your prenatal nutrition:  3 to 4 servings

Enjoy a healthy beautiful pregnancy!


Please always consult with your doctor if you are not sure which prenatal nutrition is right for you.

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