Food recipe: how to make spring rolls

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You would shop for all of the ingredient at an oriental grocery store. You might also be able to shop for these at some other grocery store but they are rare. You would need to buy shrimp, pork, vegetables of your choice, hoison sauce, lemon, rice paper and any other meat that you want.  You can take the shrimps shells out and then cut your pork into thin slice after you have washed them. Thinning it makes it easier to cook.You can cook the shrimps in hot boiling water for two to five minutes. Shrimps cook really fast and don’t over cook it. Get it ready when they are both done.

Dip the rice paper in hot water and put it on a plate to dry. After it’s dry, combine shrimp, pork, vegetable of your choice, herbs and roll. You would roll it at the base and then cover the two side at the middle of the roll. Your done once you’re finished rolling. Prepare the hoison sauce to dip and you can also include fine grains of sesame into it. You can also use onion or special herb to make things smell a little better. You can use any combination of meat and vegetables as you like since you have to like the flavor. You don’t have to follow the tradition way of making things.


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