How To Successfully Give Your Cat A Bath

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I don’t know too many cats that like taking baths. If you have one that does, consider yourself very lucky.

Cats are, for the most part, very good at keeping themselves clean.

But, sometimes they just need a real bath.

Especially if they have longer hair or go outside.

Brushing does go a long way towards cutting down on chances of your cat getting hairballs. But baths are very helpful too.

Plus, cats smell so nice after a bath.

Also, if you are allergic to cats bathing them will help you.

Now, to start off, you should get everything ready before getting your cat.

You can use a sink or the bathtub. I find the bathtub easier to keep the cat contained. It is harder to scramble out of a tub than a sink.

Get a pile of towels and lay outside the bathing area. With a short hair, you obviously won’t need as many towels. Just fold them on top each other. If you don’t have plenty of towels, your floor will get soaked as you move your cat out of the water.

Now, fill your tub or sink with some nice warm water. Make sure it is good and warm. Your cat will be more receptive if the water is nice and warm. Just don’t make the water hot.

I had a cat once that loved it when the water was nice and warm. He’d just lay down, but if it wasn’t warm enough he hated his bath. He’d try to escape.

Once you have your towels, water ready and the cat shampoo, it is cat or kitten bathing time.

The younger the cat is when you start giving baths, the more they don’t seem to mind.  A couple months old is old enough to give them their first bath.

Get your cat and carefully lower him or her into the water. Hold her firmly. The best spot to hold, I have found, is across the shoulders. They can’t move their front legs to spring out of the tub or scratch you. Just put enough pressure to keep the cat from getting loose. Don’t push hard, just be firm.

Now, just wash your cat thoroughly and rinse well.

Quickly move the cat from the water to the stacked towels and wrap the top one around her or him. Rub gently to dry slightly.

Some cats get mad and hold grudges after a bath. Not all of them do.

Whether they like it or not, sometimes they just need one.


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