How to Go Green with Your Web Site

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Protecting our environment — one of the most significant challenges we face today. While the importance of “Going Green” becomes more evident, as a web site owner, you can play a valuable role in this collective effort. Here are some simple and effective ways to “Go Green” with your web site.

1.Choose a “Green” hosting service. Earth-friendly companies such as Thinkhost, Inc. and Dream Host provide reliable, carbon-neutral “Green Web Hosting”. Utilizing 100% wind and solar power as well as renewable energy credits, they offer all the high-end features available in traditional hosting, without the carbon footprint!

2.Replace your informational products with “digital” versions that can be transmitted electronically. PDF documents are an Internet standard and a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to distribute your newsletters, brochures, manuals, ebooks and other information electronically.

3.Make sure any physical products you’re selling are environmentally safe, and you’re using recycled or recyclable materials for packaging and distribution. A quick search on the web can find a number of alternative sources for more eco-friendly products and supplies.

4.Choose to work with companies who also show an earth-friendly commitment. Whether it’s production, distribution or business services, working with companies who share the same awareness will have a greater positive impact.

5.List your site in “Green Directories” and state your initiatives in your site’s description whenever possible. This will not only increase your exposure, but also make your site easier to find for potential customers who share and support your efforts. (See also: How to Increase Traffic with META-Indexes )

6.Lead by example. Implement the suggestions in this article and share them with your business and personal contacts. Your “Green Initiatives” will gain exposure and support for your web site, while encouraging others to take positive action. Your efforts will have a far-reaching impact, and undoubtedly be rewarding — for everyone.

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