How To Turn A Bad Day Into A Better Day!

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If you are in a bad mood–Be in a Bad Mood!

Go for a walk-put music in your ears, Turn The Music Up and SWEAT!  Walking and Sweat work wonders!  Breathe, (sounds corny, but works) listen to the birds sing, watch the waves crash at the ocean, smell the salty air!

Talk to other people about anything!  It’s nice to see other points of view–other ways to look at things and ways to handle things!  It makes things easier when you know you are not the only one.  And you’re not!  If you do bring up what is bothering you-you will see that someone else has went through the same thing!

Realize what is important to YOU!

Organize your thoughts!  First things first!  Handle one thing at a time-you can only do one thing at a time!

Give it time!  It will get better with time!


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