Bucs Make A Splash In Free Agency, Acquire Sean Jones

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally made a splash in the free agency market yesterday. They picked up unrestricted free agent Sean Jones from the Philadelphia Eagles. Sean is a strong safety who has picked off sixteen passes in the past four years. Sean should be able to fill in one of the many holes the Bucs have against the run. Sean knows how to tackle and can get the job done.

Sean Jones was drafted in 2004- he was the 59th overall pick (in the second round) by the Cleveland Browns. Sean missed his first season with a knee injury and played exclusively on special team in 2005. In 2006, Sean made it to Cleveland’s starting lineup as a safety. He played all thirty two games in the 2006/2007 seasons amassing 215 total tackles, 1 sack, and 10 interceptions. In 2008, Sean was injured for four games, but still managed 56 tackles and 4 interceptions. In 2009, Sean was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles as an unrestricted free agent. He played 15 games for the Eagles last year, had 61 tackles, and 2 interceptions. Check out his stats for yourself. As of this moment, the Bucs have not released the information on Sean Jones’ contract.

Congradulations, Bucs fan. The team finally made a splash in the free agency market. It is hard to see where Bucs are going yet, but they are putting a few of the pieces together to make a real football team. I’m perplexed with the two previous signings. Reggie Brown has some potential, but is injury prone. Alston makes no sense, because he had two concussions last year. However, if the Bucs have a good draft, (in a talent rich draft) they might finally be moving in the right direction. regardless, this pick up means the Bucs are at least trying to put a real NFL football team on the playing field. Hopefully, there are more moves to come.





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