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Join The Ronald Reagan Online Tax Revolt.

There’s anger in the air folks. We are angry about Healthcare reform. We are angry about government control. We are angry about new taxes and the taxes which are sure to come. A government cannot spend trillions of dollars without the people having to pay more and more taxes. It is time to fight against big governments and the taxes they force us to pay. Let’s do this the nonviolent way. Let’s march on Washington together and fight for tax reforms and cuts in government spending. Come with me and join the online tax revolt. I joined The Ronald Reagan Online Tax Revolt


What is The Ronald Reagan Online Tax Revolt?

On Aprit 15th there will be a march on Washington to support tax reform. This will be a nonviolent march and will be a way to tell our government we are tired of their spending. It is our money and we are tired of the government stealing this money from the American people. Not everybody will be able to go to this revolt. We know it is an important march, but we have family, and jobs. Some of us have to pay our taxes at the last minute. We don’t want to be penalized by the government controlled IRS. Don’t worry, you can still join in on the march. Go to the online tax revolt, fill out the easy sign up, choose your avatar,and pick your team. I chose The Ronald Reagan Online Tax Revolt. I chose the Ronald Reagan Online Tax Revolt because Ronald Reagan was the greatest president in recent history. He fought for his people and cut taxes to make our economy better. Ronald Reagan didn’t believe in big government. He believed in the constitution, the sanctity of marriage, and freedom from government. Ronald Reagan was a great American president.

What will happen on The Online Tax Revolt?

When you join the online tax revolt, your avatar will begin at your town, and travel all the way to Washington DC on April 15th. When you reach Washington, your avatar will join other avatars (and real people) as we march on Washington. During this march, you will walk across the country, you will swim through the sea. Your avatar will do whatever it takes to make it to the march in Washington on April 15th.

Join with me and march on Washington I know America is angry. We see it in the news everyday. Come join the online tax revolt with me. Make sure you join The Ronald Reagan Online Tax Revolt with me and we will march on Washington together on April 15th. There are already over 200,000 virtual marchers. God Bless America.


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