Starting Seeds For The Garden

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If you haven’t already started, now is the time to start your vegetable seeds for transplanting into the garden.

Some seeds are directly sown,and some can be grown either way. Others most definitely need be started inside.

Some examples of plants that can be started inside or out in the garden are broccoli, cauliflower,cabbage, watermelon, and all kinds of herbs.

In the south, tomatoes and peppers can be done either way. In cooler climates, they need to be started inside.

It is easy enough to just buy your own plants.

But there are some reasons you may want to start your own.

Sometimes you just can’t find the type of plant you are looking for, but you can find the seeds.

One year I looked high and low for serrano pepper plants to put in my garden and never could find them. But I found some seeds. So, I just got those and started them at home. If you grow organic, those plants can be hard to find. Organic seeds are more common.

Another good reason is economics. Seeds are a lot cheaper than buying plants. Sure, when you figure out the cost of other supplies, you might think it isn’t. But you will get a lot of seeds in those packets and seeds will keep from year to year if stored properly

Also, you are growing it in the manner you want to. You control the type of growing matter or soil you use. You know what if any chemicals were used in starting you plants off.

When it comes to starting your seeds, there are so many options.

You can buy peat pots, which you just stick in the ground and they will biodegrade into the soil and act as a fertlizer of sorts. You will need to buy soil to add to the pots.

Another option is peat pellets. They are flat round disks made of organic matter. You add water to them and they expand. You don’t need soil for these. You also just set these into the ground.

You can also use regular plastic pots with soil in them. You do have to take them out of the pots so be careful with the roots.

You can also grow them in large flats. Just one long container you add soil too. You need to be careful separating all the plants and roots when it is time to transfer them into the ground.

The last way, is to make your own seedling pots. You make the seedling pots out of newspaper. You can buy forms for them, but you don’t really need to buy anything. We all have plenty of newspapers so here is a good way to use them. These too can just be planted directly into the ground.

No matter which way you choose, all the seedlings need to be set in a warm place and kept covered until they come up.

They will need light and a temperature of about 72. A little lower is OK, it just may take some seedlings longer to pop up.

You can buy heating mats for setting under the plants if you would like.

Starting your plants from seeds is pretty easy to do and doesn’t take much time at all. I find it pretty neat to watch them push up through the soil.


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