Adsense Tutorial To Explode Google Adsense Revenue

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Anyone with a web site can make a little extra money or a whole lot of it by taking advantage of what AdSense has to offer. Getting started with the process of making AdSense work for a web site is a fairly easy undertaking, too, but not everyone understands the ins and outs. To assist, here is an AdSense tutorial that will make making money even simpler.

To begin this AdSense tutorial, let’s look at what AdSense is. This powerful web-based advertising program is sponsored by Google, the search engine folks. That’s one of the biggest things to remember as you go through this AdSense tutorial – the ad program is powered by one of the biggest companies on the Internet today.

For the purposes of this AdSense tutorial, we’ll boil down how the program works as quickly as possible and then move on to a short two step Adsense tutorial. AdSense, in a nutshell, is a program that puts content-targeted ads onto every page of a web site. As you’ll learn in this AdSense tutorial, those ads tend to match content pretty closely and they will change with each page on the site so they are more tailored. Sites make money either by the number of people who click through on ads or by the number of visitors to the main site.

How do I sign up?

All that’s really necessary for an AdSense tutorial to turn into an action plan to make money is to visit the Google site and fill out an easy application.

What kinds of ads are available?

There are two basic types of AdSense ads available right now – text and video. Both work very well, depending on a site in question, but for the purpose of this AdSense tutorial, suffice it to say, it’s smartest for individual web site publishers to determine what would work best for their own site.

How do I maximize earning potential?

No AdSense tutorial would be complete without speaking to the necessity of traffic to increase revenue. If there are no viewers to click through or help make the 1,000 impression mark for a pay off, no revenue will be made. As part of any AdSense tutorial worth its salt, it’s important to mention a few things about web sites. For the sites using an AdSense tutorial to be successful, they need to have fresh, relevant content and they need to have visitors.

Is AdSense worth it?

Many web site publishers who learn more about the program though AdSense tutorial lessons often feel it’s well worth the effort. The success or failure of a site to earn money using AdSense will depend on traffic and the site’s ability to turn that traffic into click throughs.

Steps to earn money from GoogleAdsense program

  1. Obtain and Activate GoogleAdsense Account for your web site.
    Obtaining the GoolgeAdsense Account for your website is the first step towards earning money from GoogleAdsense. Before applying for the GoogleAdsense make sure that your site is working properly and there in no dead links. To apply for GoogleAdsense account visit and fill out the application form and confirm an email that Google will send you. If you own several sites you need to apply only once. After this Google will evaluate your site and follow-up with you email within 2-3 days. If your application is accepted you will be able to login to your ad sense account.

  2. Placing GoogleAdsense Ads on your web site
    The next step is to place adds on your website. Logon to your Adsense account and select the appropriate ads for your web site. Then copy the ads code and paste on your web pages. Once you pasted the code on your web pages, next step is to upload your web pages. Now you upload the web pages and then browse your web site. You will notice that Google ads appears on you web site. 

    Placing the Ads correctly is very import for good earnings. The best placement for GoogleAdsense ads varies from page to page, depending on the content. The best place to place GoogleAdsense Ads is wherever the web site visitor will be looking.

    Advertisements at the top of the page perform well. Chose the ads format which mixes with your page color and style. For example if your web page has a white background color and default color of your links is blue, then you remove the border from Adsense, make the ads background color white.

    Ads on the bottom of the Page
    Ads on the bottom of page does not perform well. So, don’t concentrate on the bottom page ads

    Ads on the right bar
    Usually the right bar is for web site navigation, usually right side ads performs best. 

    Ads on the left bar
    The left bar ads performance is also good.


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