President Obama’s American Healhcare Reform

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President Obama’s American Heathcare Reform

The United States congress is in the process of trying to reform our healthcare system. Or so they say. Most of us realize our government is trying to enact an historic takeover of our healthcare system. Our elected officials have been negotiating with each other and jockying for positions for about a year now. What have they gotten done? Absolutely nothing. The plan is to take a vote and shove 2700 pages of government healthcare down our throats. We have two questions to deal with about government healthcare. What does it mean to the ordinary United States citizen? And What does it mean to the Christian person?

What Does President Obama’s American Healthcare Reform Mean To The Ordinary United States Citizen?

The Governmental takeover of healthcare leads us down the road to socialism. When a government takes over large portions of society, bad things happen. We slowly lose our freedoms. Sometimes one by one, sometimes in big chunks. The governmental takeover of healthcare would put our government in control of our healthcare system. This means the government will make all the laws and rules about our healthcare. This leaves the ordinary American citizen completely dependent on their government for their healthcare. In this plan, our government wil force each citizen into buying into their government healthcare plan. When I say buying into the government healthcare plan, I mean it. Our government will force us to buy their healthcare. If we don’t buy it, they will fine us.

With President Obama’s American Healthcare Reform, our government will control the prices we pay for healthcare. It gets better than that, our government will control how much doctors get, how much drug companies get, etc. Our government will have their hands into everything to do with our healthcare system. Imagine the lines at your local doctor and hospital. Imagine the doctors who will retire or decide to do something different with their lives. Imagine the greatest healthcare in the world as it falls down many steps on the healthcare ladder. What are you going to do when you cannot get an operation or get in to see the doctor? If you want to do something to stop this govermental takeover of healthcare, you can. Go to Hugh Hewitt’s website. He has phone numbers to your congressman. You can call them and you can make a difference. If enough people call, our government wil be forced to change their plans to takeover our healthcare system.

What Does President Obama’s American Healthcare Reform Mean To The Christian Person?

There is a big problem in Healthcare Reform as far as a Christian is concerned. Our government will make every person pay for their new Healthcare Reform. When we pay for this government healthcare, some of our money will go to abortions. Yes, fellow Christians, your government will force you to pay for abortions. Each person who sits next to you in church every Sunday, will have to pay for abortions. We will be forced to finance something each of us believe is a horrible thing. The killing of a baby. To make matters worse, what if the government decides to do what they have done with our public schools? They will have total control of our healthcare. What if you are not allowed to pray in any goverment hospitals? What if you are not allowed to bring a Bible or a Priest into the hospital? What if your minister is not allowed to visit you in the hospital when you are sick? Remember, fellow Christians, there is a separation or church and State. If you think this won’t happen, think again.

How To Stop President Obama’s American Healthcare Reform

If you want to stop government healthcare, call your congressman and your senator. Go to Hugh Hewitt’s website, he has all the information you will need. Get involved with a conservative group in your church. When you vote in the future, look closely at who you vote for. It is your duty as a citizen of the United States to do what is right for our country. It is your duty as a Christian to do what is right in God’s eyes. It is time for all of us to do what is right for the survival of the most wonderful country in the world. Vote against the Democrats in the next election in November. God Bless America!


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