Ipl 3, A Compulsive Crowd Puller

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                                                        IPL 3, a great crowd puller

         Nearly 75% T.V. viewers in India  know about IPL 3.  But I wonder if the Indians abroad know anything about it.  Possibly not, because the  concerned telecast may not be reaching your area.  Just to put you wise: IPL stands for  “Indian Premier League” and this is the third year the league is running, hence the subscript 3..

        In IPL, 8 cricket teams are taking part.  The players are drawn from all over the world. Each team has an owner and he/she bids for the team. Wait a minute … That is not the purpose of this article.  The rules and regulations governing IPL and  its teams would call for a separate article by itself.

       IPL 3 would run for 45 days beginning from 12 Mar 10. Two matches are played on several days;  the first on starting at 1600 hrs IST and the second at 2000 hrs.  This is a 20 overs  match, nicknamed as T 20.  On some days only one match  will be played. The match time table would give you the details. After two Robin rounds, there will be two semi finals and then finals.

       The net result of IPL 3 is, all the members in the family assemble at home and sit  in front of the T.V. dot on time.  Such punctuality won’t be witnessed  on other days, I mean,  on  the non-IPL days.  This is a good development, you would agree. But … but … wait.  Not so my dear readers.  Everyone in a family is not a cricket fan.  Some detest the word  ‘cricket’, the wives for example.  If thee is a grand mother in the household, she is likely to raise her eye brows and ask, “What did you say? Ciket?  What’s that?”. Let’s leave the grannies.  Their eye sight being poor, they wouldn’t be interested in watching any T.Vv programme.  Not so with grand fathers.  More than half of them are

diehard fans and wouldn’t let go one match unwatched.. 

       About the children beyond the age of 6?  They are die-diehards.  They know everything about cricket, not only about Indian cricket team but also about all the 10 cricket playing teams from ten countries. Two more have come in.  They will take a few years to mature. About IPL 3, they know the composition of every team. But the  pity is, they are not allowed  to watch any programme on T.V, IPL or no IPL because of the examination season.  Many parents, as a matter of sacrifice, have abstained from switching on the T.V sets until the exams are over.

      Yesterday (22 March), the 12th standard exams concluded and the grown up children want their pound of flesh and have joined the household.

      Now comes the trouble.  The IPL consumes some 7 hours on the days when there are two matches and 3 when there is only one match.  These 7 hours are the prime T.V time. While the husband wants to watch the IPL match, the wife complains that  she is missing out on her favourtie T.V. serial. She gave in to hubby’s diktat on the first twodays.  From Day 3, she launched her battle and wanted to assert her right.  “All right” the husband said, “You watch your serial whenever the players changed. OK?”  Reluctantly the wife agreed and noted that she couldn’t catch up with the serial.  The player got out when there were Ads.  “No, nothing doing,” she cried out and grabbed the Remote and she wouldn’t part with it.  Now, without a remote you can’t switch on any channel. There is a stand by manual control also. But no one knows how to reach it and operate it.  They have been used to remote switching for so long. How could they now …….  So, a war starts for possession of the Remote;   even when she went into the kitchen to see if the rice had been cooked, the lady wife took the remote with her leaving the husband and other gate crashes helpless.


          From yesterday evening, the 12th standard children have joined the fray and worked against the mother.  She had to fight a lone battle single handedly for the Remote, which she wouldn’t leave ungrabbed even for a minute. The 12thstandard daughter thought of a trick;  she went out quietly and rang the calling bell and also called out the mother by name.  It was the next door  Mami   who could not be ignored lightly and she charges out to meet Mami leaving behind the Remote.  The husband or one of the guest-watchers collects it.


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