System Mechanic 9 Professional Is Garbage

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We purchased System Mechanic Professional from Micro Center about a month ago. We ordered it online and it took 10 days to get here. It was supposed to be here in 3.

We were so happy that we finally had a good product to use. We installed it on a Toshiba laptop after a clean install of Windows 7 Utility. Ever since then we have been experiencing problems with the Toshiba laptop and I don’t just mean the motherboard issue.

While it’s true that the motherboard has a hardware defect, System mechanic will freeze the system. It has even removed from the system, we had to reload Firefox, and everyday SMP9 finds new issues: errors were detected on the hard drive, registry problems were found (and the laptop is not being used to go to any untrusted sites and this is based on a clean install); memory problems were found, and every day SMP9 stalls out when the system is in use causing us to have to relaunch SMP9. To say SMP9 is buggy is using the term lightly. Also, PC Gadget will not populate on the Windows 7 Utility Toshiba laptop.

In addition, the OS changed the User-Logon Graphic back to its default setting. How odd is that? We used to have a cat on User logon, after running SMP9, the OS Log-on was changed back to default, which is an orange flower. Also, I used to like the old look and feel of SMP8 where you could watch the status and the details during the cleans. SMP8 was a great product that I never had any problems with and when you used it to optimize the system, it actually made the system faster and network connectivity speed increased tremendously. With SMP9, it doesn’t seem to work at all and we constantly have to relaunch and rerun these utilities and they never seem to work. Why isn’t this utility working? The other versions I’ve tried seem to work. What is wrong with SMP9?


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