How To Invest Share Safely

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Recently, we are hard to find good investment that give us high return because the world is in crisis. Most company suffer loss and cannot give benefit to the shareholder and bondholder.The crisis which is caused by subprime mortgages seems not over for this year. Some expert estimate the crisis will not be over in two or three years.

Meanwhile, you still have to invest your money for future.  We cannot spend all money because we need it next day.

There are some guidance for safely share investing. Hera are the tips:

buy and hold

If you are like to speculate, you should not do it again now because it can loss you. Only few speculator can get benefit from investment.

Today the crisis is still occurred. The share price is decreasing and it make shareholders loss. Someday, the economic will be better and you can get benefit from share too. Invest the share for long term. Find any share that have good prospect in future.

Know your risk. Do not be a just safely player now because it may harm you. Investing at free risk investment like deposit does not give you enough return. You can consider to invest few money at risky investment like share. We know the share does not give us much return but when economic goes better, you can get high benefit from share. After great depression in 1920, the stock risen over many times.


Diversify your investment. Do not put all money at one investment only because it is too risky. when the investment fall, you will fall deeply. Combine any kind investment like share, mutual fund, gold, bond, silver and others.

Know when to sell

If you know when to sell the investment, you will get benefit from the it. Analyze any investment when the price reach the peak. Some share usually increases when the company announce dividend payment. You may sell the stock if you are sure that the share will give you benefit. You should consider the dividend payment too.

Avoid debt

Only a fool man who said that using debt is cheap. Try avoiding any debt especially credit card because it can attract you to spend more money. If you hold credit card in groceries, you may buy all things at there.

Credit card charge high interest and fees. You have better to keep the interest at your piggy bank than to credit card.


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