Can We Save Our Country?

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Can we save our Country?

By Joseph Parish

Every organization these days seems to be making use of the web in their efforts to obtain support for their various causes regardless of what they may be. I feel that we as survivalists can do exactly the same thing.

Why can we not make an ambitious effort to create an effective web operation with a database of people with like minds and similar thinking? We could use the internet to create a backbone for our survivalist supporters in an effort to accomplish our immediate as well as long range goals. If we can pull together with such a plan we would be able to have the unprecedented ability to appeal to hundreds of thousands of Americans who may be on the verge of accepting our ideals or already in full support of our way of thinking.

In the past we have found that trying to obtain the help of the media was just about useless as they seem to classify survivalists as members of the militia. What we have here is an idea that safely crosses both political party lines and reaches at the basic root of our dedication – True American Patriotism. This is actually a very good idea for converting both the causal visitor as well as the diehard survivalists into online activists. If properly handled this program would enable our supporters can become a powerful lobbying and communications machine.

All lists will of course be kept private for legal and privacy reasons. Our proposal which is based loosely upon the political model established by Obama during his election campaign has proven to be effective in targeting potential supporters and others with similar interests.

Our base of operations could be the Delmarva Survival Training web site and a message type system could be established to allow effective communication and the conveying of various ideas to one and another. People will be and are invited to submit their names as well as their e-mail addresses with the initial goal of creating a reader listing to tap into when it is necessary to communicate to all the members at one time. This list can be used for special purposes such as to notify the readers that we need to lobby a specific congressmen or senator. An example of this would be in the event that gun regulations are planned to be presented to the senate for debate. We need to let our representatives know how we feel and how we as Americans support the 2nd amendment.

Such direct online contact with supporters could possibly open the eyes of the media and let them know that we mean business and want to be heard. We might even make use of YouTube to get the word out to many potential supporters. If such use of technology can benefit the politician then it certainly can assist us in helping form the laws that we must follow.

If you happen to be a survivalist and would like to consider this idea a bit further then by all means contact me at and we can talk some more.


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