Campfire Trout The Easy Way

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Campfire trout the easy way

By Joseph Parish

Remember many years ago when you would go fishing and the temptation was just too much for you. You simply had to eat that fine looking trout before you got home? You would build yourself a comfortable camp fire and start to prepare your catch right away.

All that was needed were the trout itself. The problem that was usually encountered was not having enough of the fish to go around. I have enclosed a short recipe that may perhaps bring back those thoughts when you taste the finished product.


First off you must have enough trout for every one in your group. Even those people such as my wife who say that they don’t want any fish to eat will eventually smell the cooking trout and quickly change their mind. Other then the fish you merely need some tin foil and a little bit of butter.

Start off by cleaning your catch carefully and then stuff them full of butter and seasoning to taste. Next you will need to wrap with up in the tin foil and proceed to cook your meal over the open fire. Be especially careful that you do not over cook your catch your you will destroy the taste of your trout.

Trout prepared in this manner is really some very excellent eating. It is simple yet elegant to the taste. Before long you will be munching on one of the best trout dinner you have had since you were a young kid.

Copyright @2008 Joseph Parish


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