Mosley-Margarito Super Boxing Match at Staples Center this Saturday

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Two popular boxers and world champions in their own rights clash this Saturday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Both boxers are confident of winning, with Mosley eager to grab the WBA welterweight crown from Margarito.

Los Angeles Times: ‘The Mexican boxer will earn $2.3 million for about an hour’s work Saturday against Shane Mosley at Staples Center, just slightly more than Margarito got in his last paycheck. And it’s certainly enough to get him through the gates of even the most exclusive communities.

Instead he has chosen to be in a crowded house on a crowded street in one of the world’s most dangerous cities.

In Tijuana, where Margarito lives, no one is safe at home.

The lawless city is on the front lines of drug war that has killed nearly 450 people in the last four months, nearly four times the number of US combat deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan combined over that span.

Margarito is very popular in Tijuana according to his wife, Michelle. Almost everyone knows him. Michelle is afraid of what might happen to his husband and the people around him. But Margarito said he like the place and he is comfortable there. And given a choice, he would still stay but he is worried about his wife and family so he decided to move to California where he was born.

Margarito is the current WBA welterweight champion and a former IBF and WBO welterweight champion. He fought 43 times won 37 and lost five. His most recent fight was with Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico where he won by 11th round TKO.

Mosley on the other hand became very popular when he fought Oscar de la Hoya in 2000 for the WBC welterweight title where he emerged as winner via split decision. Mosley earned $4.5 million in that fight with Oscar de la Hoya.

After de la Hoya, it was a downhill battle for Shane Mosley having lost to Vernon Forrest, Winkey Wright and Miguel Cotto. Mosley finally won in one of his recent fights over the equally popular Ricardo Mayorga, a fight that signal his ring come back notwithstanding his age. Mosley is now 37 years old.


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