He’s just not that into you movie review: New February movie 2009

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There’s a new movie is coming this February 2, 2009 and it’s called He’s Just Not that Into You. This originated from the book He’s Just Not that Into You. They made a movie about it with all of the top actresses and actor like Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Ben Affleck. The movie is rated PG-13. The genre is comedy and romance.

This is just in time for Valentine’s Day and it should be a fun one to watch with your date as you also try to figure out your relationship and maybe you can take a hint or two from this movie. What is it about? It’s about a man who falls for a woman who went to help for advice on how she can’t figure out the men in her life. This is something that some of us can relate to and it’s could be fun to see a part of us on screen. I think there’re a lot of us that can’t seem to understand men or women. Hopefully you can get some tips from this movie if you didn’t read through the book. You can visit this website for complete review and a trailer www.movie.com.

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