Why The Exercise Ball Is A User Friendly Workout Tool

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One of the nicest innovations in fitness is the Exercise Ball.  It is not unusual to become attracted to these balls due to their shape and colors.  Introduced to the world by Swiss medical therapists, these balls’ real benefit is being a support equipment during exercise.  If you want to tone and strengthen all the major muscles of your body, then work out with the exercise ball.

Its soft texture makes it also an ideal choice for Yoga exercise positions.  It can also be incorporated with the use of dumbbells to tone the muscles or it can work with heavy duty weight training equipment.

Another advantage of the exercise ball is its durability and its ability to maintain its shape under pressure.  The manual that comes with it upon purchase can tell you the maximum weight or pressure the exercise ball can withstand.  One good thing about this ball is the fact that it provides a soft yet firm support that will not harm your body.

Medical Purpose

It was originally developed for medical therapeutic purposes, mainly to support the body especially when doing a specific exercise in a specific position while needing to maintain balance.  Because most exercise balls are made of burst-proof latex, it is very safe to use.

As a support for physiotherapy treatment, the exercise ball is very useful, for it can help to get rid of backache and spinal disorders.  Exercising with this ball helps reduce back pain because the small range of movement and adjustment of balance does not demand much from the spine.  This is why the exercise routines with the exercise ball are highly recommended for people who had suffered from an episode of back pain.  This results in greater flexibility, improved muscle strength, and a wide range of spine movement improvement during the treatment.

Muscle Toning

Many yoga postures and muscle toning exercises would need the help of support.  The element of stability provided by the exercise ball is one you won’t normally get from the regular floor exercises.  As you use the ball, your body automatically responds to the instability to keep you balanced on the exercise ball.   Regular use of this ball will train and strengthen the hard-to-reach muscles that aren’t actively participating in exercise.

One very easy way to train your core muscles is by simply sitting on it while keeping your balance.   When you make the exercise ball your workout best friend, you will not regret it.


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