Spring 2010 Interior Decoration Guidelines

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This spring 2010, as you reorganize your wardrobe for spring, why not reorganize your home, as well. Consider contemporary style furniture and pieces that have simple and clean lines. Keep furniture to a minimum, not more than five or six pieces as long as these pieces don’t crowd a room. Colors should be denim blue, pale neutrals, browns, greens, beige, olives and/or khaki. But make sure all of the colors in one room work well together. Add accents to a room by bringing in throw pillows, blankets, and other objects that have mixed prints, camouflage print, floral print, or exotic antiques to give the room personality. Again, make sure everything is coordinated.

Instead of wallpaper, keep walls a pale neutral color. Decorate the walls with many pictures of different sizes, but all of these pictures should be based on one theme. Consider adding personal paintings or artwork as well as posters and postcards in ornate picture frames. And, make sure the colors in the pictures go well with the wall color. Floors should be hardwood, tile or marble, and rugs of different sizes can decorate this floor. These rugs, made of natural fibers, should have some kind of geometric designs or lines. Organize your magazines, books, CDs, DVD, Tapes, games, and other odds and ends inside a room in a bookshelf that has labeled boxes and crates. Make sure all of these boxes and crates are the same color as well as a color that matches the overall room colors. Add interesting bottle shapes and sizes as décor or vases. Candlesticks, lanterns, and incense holders that match the style of the room can also be added as décor. Add rare, unique and exotic antiques from various countries as centerpieces in rooms to make a statement. High-quality transparent plastic chairs and table in the kitchen is decorated with a flower arrangement on the center of the table to brighten up the room.

After doing the kitchen and living room, reorganize and redecorate the bedroom, bathroom and den using the same guidelines, but the colors in each room should be different to set the mood and theme for each room. Baskets can be used to organize items or small clothing pieces in a bathroom or bedroom. For bedrooms, make the fabrics for curtains and bed covers the accent pieces of the room. Consider design, style, color and texture of the fabric to set the theme for the room. Bathrooms should also have some theme, although these rooms tend to be small and not much can fit inside. This room should be based on a color or two, and not more than two decorative items. A picture on the wall and some decorative pieces organized on the sink are usually enough. Again, make sure everything is coordinated with the same color and theme. A den should be warm and cozy, filled with books and a desk as well as other items and hobbies.


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