How to Increase Traffic with META-Indexes

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META-Indexes are Internet directories that provide links pertaining to a specific topic or interest. These specialized directories allow users to find exactly what they’re looking for without having to sift through hundreds, even thousands, of irrelevant search results.

There are META-Indexes for every imaginable topic, and are invaluable for reaching out to your target audience. As a site owner, you should be listing your site in as many relevant META-Indexes as possible and using them to their full potential. Follow these simple steps to get started.

1. First, you have to find appropriate META-Indexes on which to list your site. The easiest method is to go to Google or Yahoo and do a search. Type in the most relevant keyword or phrase describing your site (e.g. florida vacations ) and add the keyword “directory” after it (alternatively, you can use keywords such as “index”,”list” or “resource” if applicable).

2. Next, add a ‘plus’ sign (e.g. +florida+vacations+directory) before each keyword. This simply tells the search engine to find sites that contain ALL these words. It’s just a shortcut to using ‘advanced search’ in order to return more relevant results.

3. Click search and start visiting the list of links returned. Once you find an appropriate META-Index to list your site, look for a “Submit” or “Add URL” link. Some directories may require that you send your listing request via email. In any case, simply follow their instructions to submit your site’s information.

4. Most META-Indexes are free, although some charge a fee or offer upgrades for premium listings. Stick with the free listings at first, then monitor your traffic. If you’re receiving a fair amount of traffic from your free listings, then a small investment or upgrade might be worth your while.


While searching and browsing META-Indexes, you’re going to find many other lists of related web sites and directories. Rather than get sidetracked, bookmark the links and save them for future reference.

Consider banner advertising on relevant META-Indexes. This can be extremely effective since these directories are highly specialized, and your ad is only being exposed to your target audience.

Adding your link to META-Indexes will improve your search engine rankings by providing relevant, high-quality back-links to your site.


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