Animal Poetry

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Poets sometimes use different aspects or characteristics of the natural world to express their own feelings or moods. Poets do the same things by expressing their feelings or moods while writing poems about animals and using different animals of the world to express themselves.

“The Horses” is a poem written by a poet named Pablo Neruda.  Pablo Neruda includes within the poem a wonderfully vivid mental picture of horses in a group. The poem may seem to be mostly about horses, but it is actually mostly about the speaker’s mood. The speaker’s mood changes within the poem. The brilliantly sharp vision of the horses in the poem seems to develop a more personal meaning and also a more spiritual meaning.

When it comes to Latin American Poets, the people recognize Pablo Neruda as the most widely influential and the most widely read Latin American poet. Pablo Neruda’s poetry seems to display sympathy for common men. They also contain a zest for creation and his poems are usually written in long lines that don’t rhyme with one another. Pablo Neruda received the Noble Prize in Literature award.

“The Peacock” and “The Monkey” are two poems that were translated from Spanish to English. They are both very short, only three lines long, and they are both animal poems. A similar poem is called “Flying Fish.” It was also translated to the English language from the Spanish language. It’s also very short, with only two lines, including phrases, such as “sun’s gold” and “glass of the sea.” A poem doesn’t have to be very long to still be beautiful and meaningful.

Some more great poems about animals are “Snake,” written by Emily Dickenson, “The Albatross,” written by Charles Baudelaire, “The Monkey’s Raincoat,” written by Basho, and “The Mournful Chirping,” which was written by a poet named Kikaku.


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