Runescape Guide To A Great Skiller

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If you have ever played runescape, you have probably seen a skiller. They are usually level 3, 4, or 5. Some are higher levels though. They are almost always rich. If you want to be a rich skiller follow this guide.

First, you will need to make a totally free account at runescape, it’s fast and simple. Then you will need to log on and go through the tutorial island. Make your avatar look cool. When you finish tutorial island you should find a way to earn some money, a great way to earn money on a level 3 is to pick up bones on the ground, and sell them at the Grand Exchange northwest of varrock. they sell for 90-100 GP each. Do this to till you earn about 10k.

Second, take that 10k and buy an iron hatchet, iron pickaxe, or a fishing net. Put these in your bank. Now you have a few paths to chose from.

  1. Take the iron hatchet you bought, wield it, and run to some trees, cut them down, and bank them when your inventory is full, repeat till you get 15 woodcutting, you have a few more paths to follow after that.

            1.    Get a tinderbox and use it on the logs and make fire, get your fire making level up.

            2.    Note all your logs, and sell them in the grand exchange.

     2.    Take the ion pickaxe you bought and wield it, go to a mine, there are some south of varrock, mine 14

            copper, and 14 tin, then bank, repeat until 15 mining, you have a few more paths.

            1.    Grab 14 copper and 14 tin, go to a furnace, there is one in lumbridge and one is falador. Smelt it

                   into 14 bronze bars. and either smith them or sell them in the grand exchange.

            2.    Note all your copper and tin and sell it in the grand exchange.

     3.    Grab your net and rune to the river south or lumbridge, and fish for shrimp, when full, bank, and repeat

            until 5 fishing, then get some fishing bait and a fishing rod and bait fish in the river.

            1.    Cook all your fish on a cooking range. Then sell to the grand exchange.

            2.    Sell to the grand exchange right away.

These should help you start earning money on Runescape.

A good quest to do on a skiller is: Cook’s Assistant, and rune mysteries.

Hope this guide helps= )


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