What Is A Chimney Starter And Why You Should Have One

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Grilling season is just getting started for many people.

I love to grill and will do it every chance I can.

There are some things that you need for grilling. A chimney starter isn’t one of them, but it does make things easier.

A chimney starter  looks like a large metal cup that you use to ready your charcoal for grilling.

When you use a chimney starter, you eliminate the need for lighter fluid.

Another great reason to use a chimney starter is when you are grilling using the indirect method for a lengthy period of time and will be needing to replenish coals.

You can get a chimney starter for under $20, but can spend more for more upscale ones.

To use a chimney starter, just fill the upper part with charcoal.

To light the charcoal, you will need to use newspapers or paraffin starter.

Paraffin starter can be found near the lighter fluid and looks like milk white ice cubes.

Put either crumpled up newspaper or a couple paraffin starters in the bottom section and light.

The coals will soon be blazing away and are ready to use when they have turned an ashy white.

When you light the chimney starter place it either on the grill grate or another surface that will not burn or get scorched.

When the coals are ready, just dump them into the grill and arange them for cooking in whatever method you need.

If you are using the coals to replenish existing coals, use a tong to add them to the coals.In many newer grills, there are side baskets to put the charcoal in for indirect grilling so it is a simple matter to add the coals. It also is great if you have a grill/smoker that has a door to add the coals.

If you have an older grill with a full round grate, you may need to get a new grate that is open at the sides in order for you to add the coals without trouble.

I hope you enjoy your grilling season!


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