Gift Ideas For Him on Valentines Day

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While you may enjoy receiving love gifts from your husband on Valentines Day, you may wish to express your love to him, as well. Choosing a gift for a male on Valentines Day can be challenging. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A new wedding ring. The one you gave him on your wedding day may be dull and bent by now.

  • A tie pin or cuff links.

  • New “sexy” underwear (make sure they’re the right size!)

  • A nice bracelet or watch with an inscription on the inside, such as, “I love you.”

  • A leather, cushioned foot stool with storage space inside (put candy and/or a card inside.)

  • Tickets to a great game or movie.

  • Bake a cake or other special Valentine’s dessert.

  • A key chain and/or travelers mug with a special message inscribed on them.

  • Treat him to a great massage. Light some candles and rub on good smelling massage oil.

  • A gold or silver chain necklace.

  • A luxurious bath robe with his initials.

  • Make a ‘gift basket” using something manly, such as a tool box, a wide rim hat, etc. Add a special item, along with candy and cologne.

  • A personalized tag for the front of his vehicle

  • A small, wooden chest to put his accesories or coins in.

  • An interesting sculpture or work of art that reflects his lifestyle or talents.

  • A nice “muscle shirt’ to sport his physique

  • Something to add to his “special collection”, whatever it may be.

  •  A cappuchinno, latte or coffee maker

  • A new suit or dress shirt with a tie

  • A gift card to his favorite place to shop or a restaurant

  • A lingerie show- by you!

These are just a few ideas. Feel free to add more in the comment box.


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