Windows 7 Vs. Mac Snow Leopard: Which Operating System Is Better For You?

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“It’s easier than ever to pit Windows 7 and OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard head-to-head: They’re launching soon, both within a month of each other—and both are basically glorified service packs of the current OS.

In way, they’re opposites: Windows 7 uses the same core foundation as Vista while fixing issues and prettying up the outside, while Snow Leopard keeps most of the same spots while re-arranging how things work internally. But the mission is the same—to evolve their current OS—not change the whole game. And launching this fall, we can’t avoid a comparison study. The stars of Redmond and Cupertino have never been so closely aligned before.”

This quote comes from a Gizmodo article on the Windows 7 Operating System vs the Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leapord operating system.  Looking at the two operating systems, (WIndows 7 vs OS X Snow Leopard made by Mac) the first thing to do is look at price.  After cost, ease of operation, simplicity of operation, and lasting quality are the important features to look at when considering any purchase, especially that of an operating system that’s very important to your general happiness.

“We’re not quite sure (yet!) exactly what the price tag is on the brand new just released WIndows 7 operating system just now hitting the general market and being exposed to the public at large.  However, it’s widely whispered and generally spread that the OS X operating system made by Mac is much cheaper, and less expensive (especially when it comes to shipping prices) than the Windows 7 operating system.”

The next consideration on the list is quality and ease of use.  Try both operating systems out, give them each a spin then pick and choose the one you like best that will keep you happy and not cause endless trouble in your life.  For those new to computers, Macintosh is the way to go.  It’s easier to understand and operate.  Choose Mac and you’ll never regret it (I’m typing these words and sentences on a Mac this very moment, so I know!).  For those who have used Mac before and enjoyed their experience with the Mac operating system, stay with Mac and choose Snow Leopard.  It has the same features and ease of use it’s just an improvement on the old Mac operating systems.  For those interested in switching from WIndows to Mac, try it out at a computer store and then make your decision.  For those who are happy with Windows and don’t wish to change, stick with your favorite and go with Windows 7.


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