How To Set Up A Keyboard In A Different Language – Windows 7

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Step 1

Go to the start menu, and open the control panel.

Step 2

In the “View By” -> “Category” section, click on the main category, “Clock, Language, and Region”.

Step 3

Now look under the “Region and Language” section, and click on the third sub-section, “Change keyboards or other input methods”.

Step 4

Now a new box should pop up on your screen, “Region and Language”. You will find yourself in the “Formats” tab. Click on the third tab, the one labeled, “Keyboards and Languages”.

Step 5

Click the long “Change Keyboards” button.

Step 6

A new box should now pop up on your screen, called “Text Services and Input Languages”. Under the “Installed Services” section and in the column of buttons off to the right, you will find the “Add…” button. Click on it.

Step 7

A new box should now pop up on your screen, called “Add Input Laguage”. Scroll through the languages until you find one you would like to add. Click on the plus sign next to it. You will now have a few check boxes to choose from. Hit the plus next to “Keyboard” and then check the box next to the one that simply states the language (such as “Russian”, instead of “Russian (Typewriter)”). Click “Okay” at the top of the pop-up box and to the right (it’s the first button).

Step 8

You should now be back to the other pop-up box, “Text Services and Input Languages”. You should see the new language under the category “Installed Languages”. Click “Okay” at the bottom of the pop-up. You may now close any additional screens.


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