Everybody's Got A Story, So What?

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MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Coming To Terms With The Story of Your Life

You are the walking irascible embodiment of your individual life’s story. Every word you utter, frown you make, thought you think, step you take, person you love or hate,  food you ingest, orgasm you experience, laugh you sound,  pain you endure and belief you allow has been and continues to be the vicarious exploitation of  explicit elements that contribute to your momentary unfolding story. In all actuality, you are directing your own version of a movie script specifically designed by and, through and for you. Although you are the main character, other necessary actors have certainly contributed their vital parts to form the overall theme.

Haven’t you ever wondered why your life has developed in the manner in which it has?  Why you suffered through various events, episodes and circumstances?  Why you were attracted to certain people, got involved in ‘sometimes’ inexplicable relationships that abruptly ended or lingered on much too long?   Why it ‘seemed’ like others got all the breaks, while you, (certainly more qualified and more deserving) was either overlooked, under appreciated or neglected altogether?  Why things didn’t turn out the way you planned, expected or hoped they would, even though they “should have.”

Here’s the deal: whether you were born in Chicago, Illinois on the south side Burgess Street (IF, in fact, there is a Burgess Street) or in Washington, D.C. and attended Patterson elementary School, enjoyed immense wealth or was subjected to abject poverty, suffered through untold variations of abuse, neglect, abandonment and unmentionable despair, or if on the other hand, a hair was never touched on your precious little head, the life you did/are  experience(ing) is the story you desire more than anything else in the whole wide world. Yes. I said, your life, exactly as it has unfolded with every inconceivable colorful perfect nuance associated, is the only life you ever wanted in the exact, precise, unquestionable unchanged detail as written and (executed) performed by you.

Everybody’s got a story, so what?  The what is the indeterminable factor which houses the mystery of your existence. The what is the unmistakable glue that makes it all work. The what is the sacredly sexually pulsating artistically sensually gyrating essence of who you are in fullness. That’s YOUR story! Untold and unlived by anyone else in the entire world!!!  Nothing happens by accident. {In all probability, how could it?} Strict unerring universal laws govern every action, reaction and occurrence as the unequaled force gravity positions us to the ground. So, let’s deal with it, instead of cursing the pointless attempt to try demeaning, rejecting or changing the story.  In other, words: Experience your panoramic story! {In every single glorious gutter ridden, mountaintop scenario and ravine washed event that shows up}

Emotionally, your particular story is water logged with relationships. Saturated to the point of nausea, your discreet and not so discreet (romantic or otherwise) involvements add the zest and zing to your ‘thing.’ So what?  It’s all part of the incurable drama infested ego starved pleasure seeking pain avoiding soul’s matinee performance. Your celestial ruthless soul chose a particular personality {perfectly imbued to the degree of the experiences needed} to live out your indelible frenzied story. And, furthermore, cares not one iota whether, you like, agree, prefer or deny its existence. Whether you come ‘kicking and screaming’ along for the tumultuous ride, or ‘kick back, surrender and let it rip’ makes absolutely no difference to her.

Everybody’s got a story, so what? A highly sophisticated specialized undeniable pattern has been written into your script. So cleverly devised, you would never be able to detect its irresolute source without an acute observant detached unbiased awareness in the same manner of a scientist who does theoretical research. Your life is as highly structured and infallibly organized as the cells which constitute your organs. Without their implicit ‘teamwork’, they, along with you, would cease to exist. Without a uniformed prearranged and well controlled ordered pattern of development and cooperation, dissolution would and does occur.

From the moment (and certainly, before) you inhaled your first breath, you were designed and destined to fit immaculately into a celestially ordered story.  No flaws; no exceptions. No recalls. This is it.  This is as good as it gets. The challenges presented are developmentally ordered for you, alone. Can you get with that?  The blessings are totally abstract in nature and impersonal. The clarification, you so desperately seek, unfolds in every electrified moment you breathe. It’s all incorporated in the [understanding]perception of the event. As one set of ancient scriptures so adequately defines:

Wisdom is the principle thing

Therefore get wisdom

And with all thy getting

Get understanding. Proverbs 4:7

It’s all a matter of synthesizing. [Unify] Look at it as an unfolding chapter in a book.  Any book, worth its salt, is undetectable in outcome (and hopefully in plot).  We expand and we grow; from infant to old age. [From innocence to dementia, with the unparalleled life in between.]  Everybody’s got a story, so what?  The what is the story of the life we inherit and how we will play it out in full animated splendor. Dependent upon our resistance and level of acceptance in acknowledgment {of the grandeur associated} will we be able to reap the untold benefits. Live it up! Laugh it out! Love it all over the place! It’s the best thing going…


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