How 3D Television Will Revolutionize The Gaming Industry.

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The one thing that has been missing for so long with the new crop of digital gaming consoles, like the Sony Playstation III, the X-Box 360 or the Nintendo Wii, has been the third dimension.  Adding that third dimension, the field of depth, is what the more recently popular video games have been missing.  Watching television movies in 3D is one thing, but being able to play the video games that keep people awake for days at a time in a fluid three-dimensional format has every real gamer drooling in antici…..pation.

How 3D television will revolutionize video games will be by having the game developers start programming games to involve the real third dimension, as opposed to the improvised version that has been played on computers and advanced gaming platforms, like consoles, handhelds and smartphones.

Games like Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Mario and, yes, even Donkey Kong will benefit greatly from being shown in three dimensional television.  It will be a lot more like actually being a part of the game, as opposed to simply controlling the game.  If playing games like The Simms makes people feel like they are Gods, just wait until 3D television becomes affordable to the masses who are the legions of game players.

Although computers and laptops have had the benefit of 3D video cards for quite some time, with full three-dimensional processing, the lack of a true three-dimensional television set has held the advancement of video games to the level they now remain at.  The one thing holding video game developers back has been the advent of true 3D television sets, in order to properly and fully display what is meant to be displayed; to make the blood come gushing our of the screen at you.

Let’s face it, though, the majority of people who play video games to an extent that buying 3D television sets will be on their immediate itineraries are not the $1 Million per year earners, but the more lower to middle class workers, university, college and high school students.  Unless those 3D TVs and their overly expensive glasses, at $200 to $600 per pair, can come down in price, and in a hurry, the format will be one that will not be supported by the market in time to make the technology viable.

Although the 3D TVs will be in great demand, the price will be very restrictive, and most people will want to wait for the larger TV sets, and the required 3D viewing glasses, which run from $200 to $600 per pair, or, per gamer, to come crashing down to earth.  Just like LCD and Plasma television sets came crashing down in price in late 2008 and early 2009, when a 52 inch, HD LCD TV came down from the $2,500 area to the more manageable $1,000 to $1250 price range.

How 3D television will revolutionize video games is by sticking around, until the majority of people who would want to buy these very expensive units long before the actual 3D programming comes to town.  True gamers will not be happy buying a 17 inch 3D TV set to play their games on, and then see the 42 inch models come down to the same price they paid for the 17 inch models just a year earlier.

This one just may be the case of the cart before the horse.

Shop smart.  Shop informed.


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