How To Earn Quick, Easy Xp For Higher Level Players In Star Wars Galaxies

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You will Need:

  • Complete the Meatlump Themepark pre-quest (you must be at least level 55 to start the pre-quest)

Step 1

The first thing you can always do are terminal missions, which can be repeated every day. Find an orange “Mission Terminal” in a city, and accept a mission. It’s not necessarily exciting, nor always group-friendly, but it gets the job done well. Destroying a creature NPC layer will get you more XP, as you must kill the constantly-spawning creatures; bunkers do not respawn NPC’s, meaning that you get less XP for that reason alone. You can do 10 terminal missions a day, but be aware that the number of missions you can do is reset daily at 12 noon PST. 10 terminal missions a day should earn you about one level (each day) alone!

Step 2

Also once-a-day are missions from the Meatlump Bunker. (You have to have completed the theme park pre-quest to access the bunker.) Five missions that I find helpful are “Wine-O”, obtained from Chef Schlump; “12 Angry Meatlumps”, obtained from Balia Alloo; “Bugging the Meatlumps”, obtained from the NPC called A Meatlump (no really, I’m a Meatlump); “Rescue the Lost Meatlump”, obtained from Ximo Tracx; and “Meatlump Recruiter”, obtained from Recruiter Joe. Total, this should earn you about 430k of XP, depending on your level.

Step 3

Go to Kashyyk and Mustafar and take any and all quests that you can. Some quests, especially on Kashyyk, will be easier than the recommended level suggests, but if you can’t seem to finish a quest on your own, bringing along a group of friends should help. These quests aren’t repeatable.


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