Motivating the Unmotivated

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I remember one day hearing my friend speaking to one of his other friends. He was talking about his lack of motivation to fix the broken things in his house and his lack of motivation to actually clean it as well. He was wondering why he never felt like picking up his place even though he loved seeing it clean. He stated that if his house was clean and the things that are broken in his place were fixed then he would be in a better mood. I found this interesting because I know what he means. I feel like that as well.

What is it that makes a person happy to see something clean? Yet, they are not motivated to clean it even though they know the end result will be positive? Is is the fact that it takes a lot of work? Is it because we think no one will care if we clean up our place? Is it cause we want someone to help us clean? Are we just lazy? Or are we just two people on this earth who are suffering from some kind of depression?

Is it possible that there are other people out there who feel the same way? Can such a behavior be remedied somehow to make us more productive with our time and how we use our time? Or is it just that we are lazy people and we only want to do that which is fun and does not take forever? Or are we afraid to miss something in our life that may happen while we are devoting ourself to cleaning our house? Is it possible to motivate those who cannot motivate themselves even though they know the end result will be pleasing to them as well as beneficial?


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