Resonance Of Fate Hughe's Power Station Boss Guide – Tesla Tortoise

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Boss level: 28

My level: 7

This boss looks pretty damn intimidating. I was expecting a real struggle but in actuality he’s not all that. Here’s how to beat him if you’re having a hard time.

Take the first cover on your right as it’s closest to your starting position. Cover is the key in this battle as the Tesla Tortoise is capable of shooting huge lightning bolts which deal high damage and inflict shock which slows the charge rate of your attacks. For this reason, get Zephyr behind cover first, he is the most prolific damage dealer with his metal case rounds (which I recommend you equip ASAP by pressing the select button). From behind cover, start dealing scratch damage using Zephyr and follow that with direct damage.

The Tesla Tortoise has amazing defence at first, but as you shoot his armour will start falling away once you get him down to about half the circular gauge. Continue to shoot until the Tesla Tortoise destroys your cover. Once this happens make a break for the second barrier, you may take some damage at this point, but don’t worry, it’s easy enough to keep on top of things using Leanne’s healing items. You can get to the other barrier fastest by using a hero action (don’t use them all, you will critical condition yourself if you are not careful, I’d just worry about getting Zephyr there first).  When you are safely behind cover, start the scratch/direct damage routine up again. More armour will eventually fall away, exposing the Tesla Tortoise, at this point if you’re in good condition; a hero action would go down nicely to finish the Tortoise off in style.

Now get your cutscene and scuttle back to Ebel City with all your loot to start scraping stuff and improve your guns!


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