Bugging Out With A Battery Booster Pack

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Bugging out with a battery booster pack

By Joseph Parish

One of the most useful devices that I have chanced upon has been the battery booster packs. This is an ideal item for any survivalist to keep in their bug out vehicle. The power packages can be readily purchased through any of the department stores such as Wal-Mart’s or from just about any auto parts supplier. I found an exceptionally good one online at all-cordless. This unit it not only a battery booster pack but also a compressor and an emergency work light.

These units are simple in design as they consist of a 12 volt gel cell battery plus a couple of heavy duty 400 amp cables and rubber insulated clamps. These are extremely useful items as the batteries they have are powerful enough with its 400 amps to actually jump start a vehicle when its starting battery is totally dead. Its peek power rating is approximately 900 Amps. There is AC adapter which comes with it for charging the boost battery as well as a 12 volt cord for charging it from your car as you drive.

The compressor portion has an inflation rating of 260 psi which is more then adequate for most applications.

Additional features of this unit include a 12v DC output socket complete with an overload protection system, a charging level and battery condition indicator all contained in a 14 inch x 13 in box which weighs only 16 Lbs. The booster pack will operate a small lamp for several hours without dimming. The booster pack has a light on the front of the case to provide illumination to your work area as you complete your task.

The price of this unit is much more reasonable then most as it merely costs around $60.00 and well worth it. Another excellent place to purchase these types of booster packs is through Harbor Freight. They have similar units for around fifty dollars with a battery and the cigarette lighter socket as well as the necessary cables and clamps.

Of course these units will need to be recharged after use and most come equipped with an ac adapter as well as the 12 volt DC plug to charge them while driving.

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