Bug Out Bag For Your Bug Out Vehicle

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Bug out bag for your bug out vehicle

By Joseph Parish

You have your BOB, your wife has her BOB and the children each have their own bug out bag so what is left? Let’s take a moment and consider a BOB for your bug out vehicle.

When you have to evacuate your home in preparation of an upcoming disaster or emergency your most prized possession becomes your vehicle or BOV. Without it you go no where and will eventually be directly in the path of whatever emergency condition you are attempting to escape from. With this thought in mind it becomes very important that you have specific items included in your vehicle to ensure that you safely escape your current predicament.

To start out with let’s place one or two rolls of duct tape in your vehicles BOB. This is one of my wife’s most prized items. She can run rings around any man I know when it comes to uses for duct tape. Duct tape is not just for use around the home, it serves many purposes that most people have totally forgotten. It can hold things together, mend your cars upholstery, act as a temporary hose fix for your car, and more. Never underestimate the value of your duct tape.

Along with your duct tape you should maintain a roll or two of common bailing wire. Bailing wire will hold just about anything together which may be too hot for your tape to hold. When you purchase a roll make sure to obtain the steel variety as the aluminum wire has a tendency to breaks much too easily.

Everyone realizes the value of maintaining a small toolbox of various selected tools in the trunk of your car. One of the most useful of these tools should be a good pair of vise-Grips. This tool is equally proficient as a wrench, an occasional hammer, used in place of a pair of pliers, and other uses. With its gripping action the vise grip can serve as an emergency faucet handle for either indoor or outdoor use. When you encounter one of those difficult and hard to remove screws that may possibly be damaged beyond repair the vice grip is your desired tool to complete the repair.

A hammer should also be included in your tool kit. It is not just for placing nails in your walls at home. You can use the hammer to secure corroded battery terminal or to pop out an unexpected dent in your BOV.

A VOM or Volt Ohm Meter will work wonders in determining what the problem is when you experience electrical troubles with your car. It can readily find short circuits, diagnose charging system dilemmas, or check a battery to determine its electrical abilities.

An occasional plastic zip tie could come in useful to secure various items in your car or under the engine compartment. I have heard of people using them to secure a radiator hose in place until they could obtain professional help in replacing it. Several packages will not take up that much space in your BOV and may prove useful.

A good selection of screwdrivers is always a great choose in tools for your car. Many people tend to ignore the extra long or extra heavy duty screwdrivers; however they are extremely useful for prying, lifting, chiseling, breaking or splitting items when required. It may not be the proper tool to use in many situations but it works quite well.

A breaker bar and socket set can be of immense use during an emergency crisis. Be sure to include a set of deep sockets ranging from about 12 to 21 mm. A 25 inch breaker bar will do well towards loosening the various hard to break loose bolts found under your hood. Rusted bolts or lug nuts will no longer present a problem to you with a god quality breaker bar.

I always carry an air compressor in my BOV that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket.

This is an excellent item to inflate that slow leaking tire in order to get to a repair station.

In addition, I have included a set of jumper cables, a tube of RTV and miscellaneous tools which I find that I may need from time to time. With a good investment in BOV tools you can rest assured that you will safely get your family evacuated in time.

Copyright @2008 Joseph Parish


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