How To Get Paid For Your Photographs Online

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Step 1

A little extra cash never hurts! The first step in earning some is to head to Then click “Sign Up Here to Begin”.

Step 2

Fill in the form, and be sure to read over the Terms & Agreements to be sure you accept them.

Step 3

When you are done, take the “Photographer’s Tutorial” and complete the test. It is very basic and easy, assuming you actually read the tutorial that is. (The questions are similar to “Do the photographs have to be my own?” and are all true or false).

Step 4

Do you have recognizable people in your photos? To make as much money as possible, try to get a signed model release form for each and every recognizable person. If you can’t do this, you can still publish the picture, but only as an editorial; this means that it can only be used for personal use, newpapers, etc… This also goes for buildings; in that case you would use a property release form.

Step 5

Upload your pictures by clicking on “Upload” and then “Upload Images”. Be sure to fill out the form completely and as detailed as possible! Wait for the images to get approved. For each upload, you can earn between $.50 and $3.00! If you use Special Licensing, you can earn up to $60.00 per! Payouts (when you can claim your money) occur every $50.00 you earn.

Tips and Warnings

  • Make sure your pictures are unique. Don’t send in a picture of your cat, for example, unless there is something outstanding about the picture.

  • The pictures should be neat. You can do some light retouching with Photoshop or another editing program, but don’t overdo it!

  • If you don’t have model/property release forms completed, your photos can still be uploaded to the site and put up for others to download; but just what that picture can be used for is limited. If possible, get the release forms, and get them right away.


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