Why You Should Stay In School

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Your education is important to you!

Getting your educations is the only and best way to avoid living in poverty, or being in need of money anywhere in the world.  Whenever you see that guy zoom past you in a brand new sports car he more than likely has a good education, graduating high school of coarse, born into the wealth or just found something that made him lucky, but that is luck, and luck doesn’t always work as planned, that’s where bad luck comes into play so it is best for you to keep your education and stay in high school.

Even if you are one of those people who think that luck comes to you and you get most of your happiness or belongings from luck, it is still best to keep your education, and use you luck to get into a good college.  If you decide to quit high school, you are losing yourself of the benefit of a free education, and of coarse you cant get into college without a high school diploma and most jobs require a diploma.  You trying to get a job and not having your diploma it just shows that you cant fulfill your goals or desires, so why should they hire you?  

If you were to need a job desperately, because you were out of money and needing to pay for stuff really badly, and you did complete and graduate high school, then you would more than likely have a job over someone that did not graduate high school.  To avoid poorness to you and or your family, the hurt of needing a job then you should stay in school and keep those grades up to avoid the worse and to get the best out of your life.  

Your education is an important gateway to your well lived life.


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