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Back to the Commandments of Firearm Safety

By Joseph Parish

Remington Firearms once published what they referred to as the Ten Commandments relating to Firearm Safety. As a responsible survivalist we should all bear in mind these important safety precautions and have them permanently engraved within our minds any time we pick up our weapons. I consider these rules so important that I have decided to elaborate on them in this article with the hope that these conventions will governor all our actions associated with the use of firearms.

Always maintain your muzzle of your weapon in such a positioned as is deemed a safe direction whether you believe your weapon is loaded or not. As a gun owner it remains our primary responsibility to ensure that the accidental firing of our weapon does not in any way harm innocent people.

The golden rule concerning maintaining our firearms in an unloaded state when not in use applies just as much today as it ever has. Children in particular are curious and statistics have continually shown they are the unfortunate victims in the majority of these accidents involving loaded firearms.

Never rely upon the built in safety lever that comes equipped on your gun. It is a mechanical device and as such could easily fail you. Follow the other listed rules to prevent having to rely solely upon this safety feature only.

Make certain of your proposed target prior to pulling that trigger. In addition never take unnecessary chances that something or someone unknowingly may be behind your target. Family pets and unfortunately small children tend to wander so the word here is be careful.

Make sure you use the proper ammunition intended for your weapon. Don’t automatically assume anything. If you are in doubt consult with the gun manufacturer.

In the event your weapon fail to fire after you have pulled the trigger exercise extreme cautious. Handle it carefully and ensure that it is never pointed in a direction where someone could get hurt.

Always wear sufficient eye protection and ensure you are wearing the proper ear guards when you are shooting your weapons. I am a living example of this situation. While in the military we had to qualify on every weapon at our disposal. We shot a variety of weapons all day long in this qualification effort. I was unfortunately not afforded the opportunity for the necessary ear protection and as a result I can no longer hear out of my right ear. Don’t take a chance on effecting your hearing or sight, use all proper protections.

Make sure that the barrel of your weapon is free of any obstructions prior to pulling the trigger. Using an obstructed barrel you can cause drastic damage to yourself.

Do not alter your weapon in any manner. Such changes should be in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and preformed by a certified gun repairman. Have your weapon serviced properly at regular intervals to ensure its serviceability.

Make certain that you are familiar with both the handling and the mechanical characteristics associated with your firearm. Follow these simple rules and you should experience no gun safety related problems. Happy Hunting.

Copyright @2008 Joseph Parish


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