Articles Available In Less Then 20 Minutes

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Articles available in less then 20 minutes

By Joseph Parish

One of our writers once inquired as to the possibility of creating quality articles in a matter of less then 30 minutes. I proceeded to inform them that it was totally possible within certain limitations. As an example you are reading this article and it took me less then 20 minutes to completely create it.

The first thing most article writers have to realize is that they must know their subject matter. Don’t expect to write an article within a short period of time if you do not know a thing about the subject you are trying to write about. One of the necessary preliminaries of good writing is completing the crucial research before actually attempting to write the article. Even should you know the subject well you may still be required to do a certain amount of research before beginning your writing.

Your initial dilemma will stem from what you wish to write about. You must decide what subject appeals to you to write about. Keep in mind, for speed writing it must be something you are familiar with. Your next course of action would be to free style write. Type everything which enters your mind as you sit and attempt to write. Some may make sense and then again some may hinge on the brink of fantasy but the point here is to just write.

Use good paragraph and writing style rules. Have your initial introductory paragraph. Tell the reader what you intend to convey to them as well as any important support information about the topic. Follow that with your sustaining paragraphs that actually contain the meat of your article. These series of paragraphs are considered your most important information in the complete article. Without these paragraphs the whole thing is not only pointless but also useless from your readers point of view. Finally you include your conclusion. Remember that your conclusion will carefully melt all the other information together blending it into one uniform structure. Clean up and corrections can take place later and are not a part of your time period in writing your article.

When you have finally completed your article you will find that you have written it in less then 20 minutes. Now are you not proud of yourself? You should be.

It is now time to proof the article, make any necessary corrections, and check the spelling as well as any other changes that you deem necessary to turn out a good quality article. Doing the changes now doesn’t really take that long and most of the time it is merely a matter of reading over your work and ensuring that it makes good sense and is grammatically correct. Most word processors have spell checkers that take the drudgery out of checking any word spelling.

Go through your article several times to make sure that it sounds good and that it may be enjoyable to others. Don’t put out inferior trash for the sake of time. A few minutes spent correcting your article will pay off in the long run. Your reputation is at stake here.

Well now I have given you the basics of doing some quick articles. This particular one has taken less then 20 minutes to complete. Start your own now and good luck!

Copyright @2008 Joseph Parish


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